Real Estate CRM Software for Developers and Builders

Real Estate CRM Software for Developers and Builders.'
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Real Estate CRM Software for Developers and Builders In Delhi, land

Dae|Build - Key Features

With years of Software Development experience and continuous Research and Development, Daemon India has developed Dae|Build a CRM System specially designed for Real Estate Developers in India.

1. Dae|Build software enables Real Estate Developers to manage and track Pre and Post Sales activities across all categories of their projects e.g. Commercial, Residential, Plotting, Villas etc. Using single interface you can track minute information of each unit spread across your various schemes.

2. Manage Inquiry Life Cycle with Trends, Statistics and over 15 MIS Reports.

3. You can develop your Unit Inventory with complete flexibility e.g. you can decide what are the parameters for each unit of your Scheme. Single click would give you complete information about each unit of the scheme.

4. You can track which unit is Available, Booked, Sold, Blocked or Due for payment.

5. Dae|Build software enables you to Book and Block units. For each project you can decide the Company Name, Property Type, Rates, Other Charges, Payment Methods and Plans, Bank Details, Approved Bankers for loan etc.

6. Dae|Build offers single screen interface to manage complete aspect of Customer Accounts from Booking Details, Payment Schedules, Reminders, Other Charges, Payments History, Interest, Service Tax, Brokerage, Stamp Duty, Cancellation, Transfers, Refunds, Unit Documents, Unit Logs etc.

7. Dae|Build Document Management System offers single click generation of all major Real Estate documents from Booking to Possession

8. Dae|Build software automatically triggers SMS and Email at the time of Inquiry, Bookings, Payment Receipts, Birthday's, Anniversaries and other key instances

9. Feature to Cancel, Transfer or Change a Unit.

10. Import utility from Excel for Receipt, Customer, Inquiry and Units Data.

11. Post Dated Cheque Life Cycle Management.

12. Auto Calculation of Interest on Over Due Payments. Client level and Installment level control.

13. Dae|Build software maintains complete account of Sales made through Brokers.

14. Auto Payment Reminders to Developer and Customer.

15. Auto Payment Receipt and Demand Letter generation.

16. Management can track various Trends across there schemes e.g. trends related to Booking, Staff/Agent Performance, Revenue, Payment due.

17. Dae|Build has extensive reporting system with more then 10 ready reports related to Units, Payment Received, Payment Outstanding, Client Ledger, Installment, Brokerage due etc.

18. Dae|Build has daily data backup and retrieval system.

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  • Real Estate CRM Software for Developers and Builders
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